Real Luxury offers wide range of coffee machine services for commercial and domestic users. Keep your coffee flowing and keep your business running – leave your equipment in good hands

24/7 Call Out Service

Quick, affordable on-site coffee machine repair available 7 days a week.

Coffee Machine Service

Wide range of commercial- traditional and domestic- bean2cup coffee machines service and repairs.

96% First Time Fix

Effective and reliable on-site repairs, installations and boiler inspections assistance.

Great Coffee Guaranteed

Find possibilities of your coffee equipment. Optimise coffee experience to increase your business potential.

Commercial Coffee Machine and Grinders

With no doubt we can admit that coffee machine is essential part of your business. You build up your success based on operational capacity of your coffee maker however even high-end equipment needs a little help. Real Luxury will take care of the heart of your business, offering wide range of coffee machine service solutions for commercial equipment.

Full Service

Full service offer is a complete maintenance solution for demanding customers, who value their time and money. Tailored and flexible approach will satisfy all kind of traders to make sure you will resume your daily tasks as soon as possible. Our engineers will do their best to accommodate your work pattern to minimise the time without your money maker. Full service includes:

  • assessing every part of your machine,
  • complete de-scaling with industrial grade products,
  • deep cleaning,
  • calibrating,
  • replacing obsolete elements and lubricating them.

In addition, we can offer staff and barista training to optimise the usage of your gem and we are prepared to provide replacement machine for the time of full coffee machine service if required.

No grinder no coffee.

Another irreplaceable element of your café – grinder. Jointly with your coffee machine works hard every day to entertain even the most demanding customers, offering perfectly brew caffeine shot. Your grinder is slow, jammed or simply gives you coarse instead of fine ground? Bear in mind that those are symptoms it needs to be serviced. Regardless if your grinder is automatic or with doser we can service it and offer:

  • de-greasing
  • set of new burrs
  • set of new doser springs (if required)
  • calibrating
  • adjusting to your needs

If required, we can train your staff to avoid coffee beans wasting or selling beverages made with over-extracted or watery beans. Make sure your customers will receive fresh coffee every time. Refer to the senses – allow freshly ground beans to attract customers from miles away and make your place busy. We all love the smell of coffee!

Domestic Coffee Machine Service

We can only imagine how difficult might be your mornings without first cup of coffee. Surely we can help to bring your morning routine back on the table. Our hassle-free service is ready to meet your expectations. Make your mornings great again! Real Luxury provides on-site and workshop repairs of all major domestic coffee machine .

Repair – how it works?

In a nutshell, you drop it and you allow us to do the rest. Simple, isn’t it? Every coffee machine repair process always starts with a comprehensive diagnosis . All you need to do is to bring your not-working, sad machine to our workshop and we will take care of it to bring smile to your face. Once your machine is checked we will provide you a full condition report with estimate cost and time of the repair. In most cases, it takes around 2 working days (up to 6 days with complex issues). Please feel free to contact us and check it.

Full Service – how it works?

Regular professional service and preventative maintenance is the best way to keep your machine in a good shape. At Real Luxury we will strip your machine down and check the condition of every single element. All worn out parts, like seals and gaskets, will be replaced and freshly lubricated to avoid problems in the future. In addition, your machine will be double descaled with a high-performance descaling solution, deeply cleaned and you will receive a piece of advice how to treat it to extend its lifespan. Considering general water quality we recommend to undertake a full service every 2-3 years or every 5000 – 10 000 brewing cycles to achieve the best results.

24/7 Call Out Service 

Time is money. We want our customers to spend their money wisely, based on quality and quick service.


Our goal is to keep your non-profitable time to minimum and keep your place up and running – our average reaction time is just over 1 hour. Real Luxury engineers are fully trained on variety of coffee machines and grinders which gives them unique knowledge and skills. We understand how important to your clients consistency is and we will always aim to fix your machine on site within 2 hours. Some of the brands we repair include: Sanremo Grinders: Compak , Sanremo

Final Touch

Once your machine is fixed, we will calibrate it for you, free of charge, in order to optimise the coffee experience. Our experience with different types of coffee beans and beverages makes us confident in delivering reliable and affordable counselling that will increase your business potential. Do not hesitate to contact us about any other brand so we can assess it over the phone or email. Give yourself an opportunity to experience real efficacy.


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