Voltage : 400 V – Single Phase.
Dimensions : W-500MM * D-740MM * H-780MM.
Tank Capacity: 6.5L * 2.
Production Version : Gravity.
Mixture : Stirrer available.
Production Type : Automatic / Nigh Mood.
Hourly Production : 180 cones.
Connection Wire size : 6MM.
Net Weight : 135KG.
Type of Manufacture : Heavy Duty.
Made in ITALY.

  • Soft Ice cream machine form the famous Italian brand INNOVA, which conceder one of the best soft ice cream and gelato machines manufactures in Italy.
  • The perfect size and weight to be installed in most ice cream shops and specialty coffee shops counters.
  • REAL LUXURY requested all INNOVA machines to be manufactured in single phase to save electricity.
  • It is the most suitable machine for crowded ice cream shops, because of containing a multi-compressor system, which helps in increasing production capacity.
  • REAL LUXURY requested all soft ice cream machines with two cooling systems (air and water) were helps speeding up cooling process, which result in increasing the production rate at peak times, compared to other brands that only have an air system.
  • It operates with a pump system that adds air into ice cream mixture, which increase production up to 80%, with a rate of 240 cups per hour, compared to the gravity system that produces only 180 cups per hour.
  • The pump system connected to a control panel which enables programming of ice cream  texture by increasing softens level to produce soft, fluffy with medium-cold ice cream, or decreasing softens level to produce hard with high-cold ice cream.
  • A special request from REAL LUXURY to install mixture stirrer to maintain consistency which helps producing each ice cream cup with the same texture and quality.
  • Contains two internal storage with a capacity of 6.5 liters for each flavour.
  • Serving two separate flavors or an equal mix.
  • With a standby mode that maintains safe product temperatures when not in use.
  • With automatic cleaning mode with empty and after completion of use.
  • Contains an alarm system linked to all machine parts sensors, which activates malfunction, it activates an emergency stop if any faults appears to maintain machine safety, plus appearance of a warning sign in control panel that indicates type of malfunction to facilitate the maintenance process.
  • It has automatic cleaning mode.
  • Easy removal of pumps, motors and associated parts in preparation, to facilitate cleaning and sterilization.
  • To ensure the quality of REAL LUXURY products, the company has provided a soft ice cream machine sample in its facility for the customer to try and play with before purchasing.


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