910.000 OMR

Voltage : 240 V – Single Phase.
Disks Type : Flat.
Disks diameter : 64MM.
Dimensions : W-215MM * D-400MM * H-635MM.
Net Weight : 23KG.
Connection Wire size : 2.5MM, UK Plug.
Type of Manufacture : Heavy Duty.
Made in Spain.

  • THE E6 MASTER Coffee grinder from COMPAK brand, which considered one of the best coffee grinder manufactures world wide.
  • It has a powerful motor that operates at 610 watts and performs 1290 revolutions per minute in order to allow you to work continuously in cases of high demands.
  • Comes with 64 mm blade size to speed up the grinding process up to 6 seconds for 20g, and blades shelf life up-to 500 kg.
  • It has an accurate 0.3g scale that simplifies the working mechanism by simply programming the required weight and getting the same weight on each grind.
  • The outside presence of scale distinguishes COMPAK grinders in programming the weight, as it contains a 200-gram piece of weight, which is placed on the scale to program it, without the need to fill the grinder with a kilo of coffee, as is the case in all other brands.
  • Touch screen control which is characterized by quick response.
  • It has 4 operating systems (preselection – automatic – instant – manual).
  • 10 different types of coffee porta-filters can be set in, comparing to other brands which you only able to set one type only.
  • Access to the settings menu can be controlled by a password to save programs.
  • Contain two fans were helps speeding up cooling process, which result in increasing the production rate at peak time.
  • Contains an alarm system linked tom burns to notify of burns changing.
  • COMPAK grinders are compatible with all specialty coffee machines, as one of the most important factors that help produce a more consistent espresso.


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