Voltage : 240 V – Single Phase.
Dimensions : W-877MM * D-702MM * H-534MM.
Connection Wire size : 6MM.
Big Boiler capacity : 8.6L.
2 Extra Small Boilers : 1L each.
Boiler Temperature : 124C.
Power Capacity : 25AMP.
Net Weight : 97KG.
Type of Manufacture : Heavy Duty.
Made in Italy


  • The distinguished (F18SB) from the Italian brand Sanremo, which made specially for Speciality coffee business with a design of the F18 fighter plane.
  • REAL LUXURY requested all F18SB machines to be manufactured in single phase to save electricity.
  • It is the most suitable machine in terms of quality and price to start your journey in the specialty coffee trade.
  • Contains 12L boiler to increase production to more than 500 cups per day.
  • Fixed main boiler temperature at 124°C main boiler, to reduce acidity level in speciality coffee beans.
  • All F18SB’s comes with SR61 group heads which specially designed to prevent the loss of gourd-heads heat.
  • It relies on three points of temperature control and pressure control to ensure the quality of extraction and thermal stability.
  • With the ability to manually control extraction pressure and evaporation pressure.
  • It has a a controllable pre-infusion system by turn it on and off with increasing and decreasing pre-infusion time, which helps controlling acidity and bitterness level.
  • Contain a main digital screen to provide all machine features, as well as a separate screen on each group-head to keep tracking all extraction parameters ( such as extraction temperature, extraction pressure, pre-infusion period and extraction timing ).
  • Contains an alarm system linked to all machine parts, incase of any malfunction, it activates the emergency stop to maintain the safety of the machine, and also a warning sign appears in the main screen or group screens that indicate the type of malfunction to facilitate the maintenance process.
  • Controllable work area lighting is available to create a comfortable working environment.
  • All SANREMO machines are characterized by the fact of programing the main group and the rest of the groups copy the main group program, which makes it easier to work with.
  • On non-peak times you can shut-down one group-head to save electricity up-to 40% while it will resume functioning immediately by one touch on any Botton.
  • A sleep mood system turning on automatically if the machine not used for more than 10 minutes to save 90% of electricity, while boilers remains switched on.
  • Contains controllable cup wormer to insure all serving cups are in same temperature as extracted espresso.
  • It has an automatic operating system that determines the start time of work to prepare the machine for work before the arrival of barista, and an automatic shutdown after the end of working hours, and the feature of specifying a day off to save electricity consumption.
  • REAL LUXURY requested all F18SB’s machines with professional 20g basket and bottomless porte-filters to increase CREMA level which increase flavors in espresso cup.
  • It has an automatic cleaning cycle system to clean groups-heads.
  • With REAL LUXURY you can customize your machine as per your design colors and brand logo.


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