Voltage : 240V – Single Phase.
Dimensions : W-720MM * D-528MM * H-537MM.
Connection Wire size : 2.5MM.
Boiler capacity : 10L
Boiler Temperature : 91C.
Power Capacity : 15AMP.
Net Weight : 55KG.
Type of Manufacture : Heavy Duty.
Made in Italy

  • ZOE competition from the famous Italian brand SANREMO, which is very well known brand for its quality, high efficiency and superiority compared to other Italian brands.
  • It is the most suitable machine in terms of quality and price to start your journey in the coffee trade.
  • REAL LUXURY requested all ZOE machines to be manufactured in single phase to save electricity.
  • Contains 10L boiler to increase production to more than 300 cups per day.
  • REAL LUXURY requested all ZOE machines with E61 group heads which specially designed to prevent the loss of gourd-heads heat.
  • Comes with the ability to manually control the steam power.
  • The Steam boiler temperature fixed at 91 degrees.
  • REAL LUXURY requested all Zoe machines with cool touch steamers to prevent burning hands while working.
  • Despite the entry level of the machine, it contains a 3-second pre-infusion system that can be turned on and off.
  • It has an accurate and real time coffee dose timer display for coffee extraction.
  • Work area lighting is available to create a comfortable working environment.
  • All SANREMO machines are characterized by the fact of programing the main group and the rest of the groups copy the main group program, which makes it easier to work with.
  • REAL LUXURY requested all ZOE machines with professional 20g basket and bottomless porte-filters to increase CREMA level which increase flavors in espresso cup.
  • It has an automatic cleaning cycle system to clean groups-heads.
  • With REAL LUXURY you can customize your machine as per your design colors and brand logo.


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