215.000 OMR


    • Bacteria Reduction : 99%
    • TDS Controller : Available.
    • Method : Carbon Block,Coconut Shell Carbon,Sediment.
    • Number of filtration Stages : 6
    • Maximum feed water pressure : 1100 psi.
    • Dimensions : W-400MM * L-250MM * H-780MM.
    • Pump Voltage : 240V.
    • Daily production : 200G.
    • Type of Manufacture : Heavy Duty.






    • The best water filtration system used on Gulf countries water, in reason of containing high TDS level.
    • It operates in six stages ( starting with removing large impurities – then small impurities in two stages – and then carbon treatment in three stages ) to provide water with an ideal TDS level for all coffee machines.
    • With a capacity of producing 200 gallons of clean water per day.
    • It contains two water pumps with 2 bar pressure capacity which required to supply all coffee machines with the right operation water quantity.
    • The most suitable filtration system in combination with the BWT Best-miniral system to which delivers the perfect water for producing hot beverages with top sensory attributes


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